How to Powder Coat Dumbell Eyes

Have you ever wanted a specific colour or style of dumbell eye? I know that fish react differently to colours, for example, Flathead love Pink, bream orange etc, so I like to sometimes change the colour of the dumbells to create a trigger point. I also like having dumbells without pupils on flies that aren’t imitating a baitfish. So this video is how I create my own. I use brass eyes for this for a couple of reasons. 1, They don’t melt when heated or more precisely over heated like lead eyes can. 2. They don’t sink as fast as lead eyes and sometimes that’s what you want.

The materials are pretty basic – brass eyes. Powder coating – I use pro-tech brand, (you should be able to find it on eBay or a Google search). A heat source, in my case a heat gun, but a candle will also work as long as you don’t put the eye into the flame as it will go black – I tell you that from experience 🙂 Forceps to hold the eyes in the heat source. I use two pairs so I can keep dipping eyes whilst one set cool. Now let me tell you – they get hot. Sometimes hot enough to burn the veneer on the desk. DO NOT TOUCH THEM for a good 5 minutes – hence the two pairs of forceps. I use a wet sponge so that once they are cooled enough for the coating to have set you can drop them onto the sponge to cool fully.

Hope the video is easy enough to follow despite the camera work – was hard doing it all with one hand.