Braided Loops

Ever had a problem with a welded loop on your fly line breaking or just sick of tying nail knots between your backing and fly line? Here I look at braided loops and how to make your own. Very handy when you travel and your loop of knot fails.

Save yourself time and put loops on the back of your line so you can change lines quickly. You can also use them between the line and leader for fast changes there. I use them on 7 weights and higher and stick with nail knots on the smaller lines. The Jury is still out on whether they spook fish or not, but let’s face it it’s harder to see than your fly line and your fly is usually 7 – 12ft from the loop. It hasn’t prevented me catching fish, so be your own judge.

Materials Required;

  • Braided Monofilament – 30lb or 50lb based on fly line size.
  • Bobbin Threader or bent wire.
  • Clear Glue – I use Tarzan’s Grip or Selley’s MultiGrip.
  • Flat Waxed Nylon – White

Step by Step:

  • Cut a piece of Braided Mono about 18 – 20cm long.

Measure up the loop the size you want, ensuring that you have 2 – 3 inches free for the fly line to be pushed into. Remember where the loop starts.

Push the Bobbin threader into the braid where the fly line is to stop and bring the threader out where the loop itself will start

Push the end of the braid into the bobbin Threader and pull it through the braid to form the loop at the bottom.

Straighten the braid to form the final loop and ensure that there is no braid sticking out the side. That’s the loop done.

Glue the bottom of the braid between the end of the loop and the point the braid finishes inside the braid – Work the Glue into the Braid.

Once dry insert he fly line and push it down to the braid joint. Wrap the joint and the fly line to keep it in place and prevent the braid from fraying, then glue the thread and push glue into the braid to hold it all together. Job done – Go Fish!